Tati’s Favorite Blush Brush

Sonia Kashuk Essential Collection Blush Brush Number 163, available at Target
Sonia Kashuk Essential Collection Blush Brush Number 163, available at Target

Tati is one of my favorite makeup YouTubers. When she endorses something, it makes me curious! In one of her recent videos about highlighter, she waved a brush back and forth to the camera naming it as her favorite.

The Sonia Kashuk Essential Collection Blush Brush Number 163 is a light, flexible synthetic bristle brush. Synthetic bristles are not derived from animals: Cruelty free! Also? It is less than $10.

The brush is available at Target in the makeup aisle, under Sonia Kashuk’s header. If your local Target has a limited selection, you can also look for it online. Both will bring the brush to $9 plus tax. Seems like Tati isn’t the only one favoriting this item–it has over 21 five-star ratings on Target.com!

My first impression of this brush is that it is soft and luxurious, while still being useful. I like the neutral color scheme of gold and brown. It doesn’t feel cheap at all, and can compete with those more expensive ones found at Sephora. Synthetic is synthetic.

It can be easy to get carried away with brushes as it seems there is one for every flick of your wrist: fan brushes, crease brushes, liner brushes, contour, highlight, BeautyBlender….This brush can be paired with any blush (ovb) or bronzer. Or, swirl it through a highlighter if you’re feeling a finishing touch.

Glow on! Makeup is finger-painting for adults.

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