Tati’s Favorite Blush Brush

Tati’s favorite blush brush is vegan?!

August Birthday by Sephora

Trading the cat-eye for a Kat eye with the August birthday gift from Sephora

Heart-Healthy Vegan Quinoa

  Balancing responsibilities might leave you tired by the time it comes to dinner. When “where do you want to go?” becomes a dreaded question, let the answer be “home!” Cooking at home does a few good things. First, it allows for portion control. You choose your own bowl or plate, and how much foodContinue reading “Heart-Healthy Vegan Quinoa”

A Fresh Start

Maureen, fashion guru, had just finished my interview with Vegas Seven lifestyle magazine. “Oh, you have a blog? That’s good,” she said.

On Health and Spirituality

I can only describe what happened next as a brush with faith. I felt a calling to go to the river which flowed a few feet from the hammock. Dipping my toes, I began to pray.

Pi and Ice Cream Day

Today is Pi Day! March 14th, or 3.14, is the livable version of pi. Pi is the Greek letter given to represent the ratio of circle’s circumference to its diameter. One of the fun things about pi is that it is never-ending–like one of Wonka’s amazing never-ending gobstoppers! While gobstoppers are most likely not vegan, thisContinue reading “Pi and Ice Cream Day”

Meeting Dr. Morse

What is a ND? ND is short for doctor of naturopathy. This is a form of alternative medicine. As a doctor of naturopathy, or naturopathist, and doctor of biochemistry, Dr. Morse is the world’s leading specialist in revitalizing and regenerating tissues of the body. His International School of Detoxifacation in Punta Gorda, FL focuses onContinue reading “Meeting Dr. Morse”

Have you tried Horchata? 7-Step Recipe

Have you tried horchata? Horchata is a traditional Mexican, dairy-free, cinnamon sensational drink! This is one of the small comforts that built me up and sent my spirit soaring on moments when I didn’t feel like strapping on a pair of pink hiking boots to climb the Mountain of the Month (or whatever was on my mindContinue reading “Have you tried Horchata? 7-Step Recipe”