Miami Travels, Tacos and Tattoos

Next week, my friend is traveling to Miami. He is flying in and out of the Miami International airport on a Wednesday. The layover is for about 12 hours. He asked for some tips and tricks for what he should do. Naturally, I searched my favorite resources: Airbnb, Yelp, and Tripadvisor. We found some great excursions for the tour.

Miami is a metropolitan with too much to do in 12 hours. However, even one hour in the city will give you a good taste if planned ahead. One of the best parts about Miami is the year-long agreeable weather. Summertime demands lots, lots, lots of water. Breaking into the fall for the later months of the year is a leisurely time to travel. From up north? Use the winter to take advantage of sand over snow. “Snowbirds” is a term for those who retreat to the tropics per season.

Food, fun, flight: these are a few of the activities which make up a thrilling layover. Food was brought to you by Yelp! Rated in the Top 10 of Miami restaurants, Tacos and Tattoos seems like the kind of of place that every traveler dreams about. It is ranked high and reviewed with nearly 5-stars online. High, non-paid reviews practically guarantees quality. Yelp is the PR for foodies–unpaid, word-of-mouth…by-tech.

Check out our Miami: Layover Guide below

Tacos and Tattoos

Mexican street food with flair

11790 SW 104th St

Miami, FL 33186

open until 11pm

Little Havana Walking Tour

as seen in National Geographic

10am-1pm. $56/person, group of 8

Ecuadorian Aviation Tour

1.5 hours, approx 5-6:30pm

$140/person, 15-miles North of Miami airport, travel by Uber.

Little Havana with Native Latin Expert

City walk and food tour with cigar tasting

2 hours, up to 10 people


Food and Art Deco tour

Macedonian host of Lincoln Road / South Beach

12 – 3pm or 5-8pm (leave a little early for a 10pm flight)


Street Art tour with a historian guide

10-11am or 12-1pm


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