Coconut for breakfast, anyone?

I have often said that my favorite fruit is coconut. The water is refreshingly delicious, and the pulp will pump up the volume on any raw vegan dessert. Here, breakfast is enjoyed with an at-home acai crumble.

This meal requires a few tools, and possibly even collaboration between you and your favorite person with a machete. My first choice is the produce attendant–but may the odds be ever in your favor, if you will. Today, let’s focus on the coconut!

Taking a whole, unopened coconut to the produce specialist can go a few different ways. One may look dumbfounded, and be surprised that their store even sells coconuts. OR they can open it for you using their toolbox of produce tools. This is likely. “Please” and “thank you’s” increase your odds.

Some sommeliers recommend that coconut water pairs well with the strawberry. If sommeliers were to recommend unfermented fruit juices…

Preparation time for opening your own coconut is liberal. It can be done in under five minutes at the grocery store. It once took me 15-minutes to jab a straw-sized metal clamp through the skin. That was a long time ago, and I’ve become better faster stronger.

If opening a coconut at home, look for the Thai coconuts that have the hard shell removed. There will be two layers to the fruit before hitting flesh. The cool, coconut water and satisfaction of opening your own tropical vacation will have you coming back for more.

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What is Suitaru? Suitaru is a creative interpretation of the Japanese word for style: sutairu. I first heard this word in a Latin class at Florida State University. Some words stand out while others disappear. "Sutairu" has stayed with me. My name is Natalie and I was born on a military base in Okinawa, Japan to parents who were very in love. My mother, father, and I lived there until I was two years old. Although we moved back to America, the desire to travel is in my heart. Since, I have been to surprising parts of the world. I have spent time exploring many different places that I never dreamed I would go. Emerald waters of Italy, the best pizza in my life in Croatia, and a yoga retreat in Iceland. For me, travel inspires creation. Whether that comes out as art, music, or fashion--a certain style is experienced with every passport stamp. This site is a documentary, of sorts. It is a place to post otherwise unseen photographs. Comment along--feedback is fun. Thanks for accompanying my journey! Suitaru embodies a philosophy of innovative, impactful, timeless style. Style is individual expression. Style is art. "Style is eternal." YSL

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