The Best Natural Deodorant

If there is a place with more humidity than Florida, it’s either Texas or Thailand. Using Thai crystal salt is a beauty secret from Thailand. It stood is used by locals of every gender to stay sweet under the sun. Also, it held up in the heat of Dubai. Humidity means one thing–sweat! This 100%Continue reading “The Best Natural Deodorant”

On Health and Spirituality

I can only describe what happened next as a brush with faith. I felt a calling to go to the river which flowed a few feet from the hammock. Dipping my toes, I began to pray.

Winter Garden

Have you ever been to Winter Garden? In Winter Garden, I met with NYC photographer Ehsan — known as Essy. We coordinated a shoot at a botanical garden from a search online. It was the first at the garden for both of us. Essy and I met at the garden gate. I could tell from hisContinue reading “Winter Garden”

Adventures in Reyjkavic

Enjoying the waterfall! The chilly air felt clean, clear and fresh. A candid shot of our yoga instructor finding his own perspective. He is a 6x gold-medal champion in yoga! What the world looks like from behind a waterfall! This is one of the only places you can find this view. I don’t remember howContinue reading “Adventures in Reyjkavic”